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Smell Well Freshener Inserts

Smell Well Freshener Inserts

Price £8.99 + postage & packing

SmellWell is two soft bags with a pleasant and gentle scent that effectively absorbs moisture and bad odor. Put them in the shoes overnight and you wake up to dry fresh shoes. Unlike most other products on the market, the SmellWell does not hide the odor but cures the cause of the problem by absorbing moisture.


  • Absorbs moisture & removes bad odor
  • Keeps shoes and sports equipment fresh
  • Eight designs, all have the same fragrance
  • Consists of natural salts and absorbers
  • Does not contain bactericidal substances
  • Tested according to REACH for consumer safety & environment
  • Easy to use & durability 6 months


Put SmellWell in each of his shoes overnight and keep your socks freshly washed for a while. Clamp down a SmellWell in the bag after the workout and release the discomfort in the locker room. Let SmellWell keep your clothes freshly washed throughout the trip. It's fresh to be fresh!