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Stealth Rubber

Steath Five Ten Dotty RubberStealth® is the name of a series of rubber formulas, each developed to provide the highest possible performance in its application. High performance rubber in outdoor sports means either the greatest friction or the most cushioning, often a combination of both.

The first Stealth® rubber revolutionized rock climbing, and is still regarded as the best choice of climbing rubber in the world. Now there are several Stealth® formulas specifically tailored for a variety of rock climbing styles, as well as compounds that provide unbeatable, extremely technical rubber characteristics for hiking, trail running, cycling or mountain biking, water sports and even skate boarders!

Stealth® provides a remarkable amount of shock absorption so it helps minimize foot and leg fatigue – a feature that is especially beneficial at the end of a long day of climbing, mountaineering, or backpacking with a heavy load.

Stealth® originally set out to develop a rubber that would actually improve climbing by increasing the amount of body weight rubber could bear before its bond broke away from steep rock faces. After several years of research and experimentation, Stealth® rubber was born. Stealth's® unparalleled success in the climbing world made other athletes take note.

Stealth Rubber avalable from Feet First ChesterfieldThe demand for other Stealth® sport applications was so high that the company realized it would have to return to the laboratory to develop additional sport-specific formulas. The development of new formulas involved years of field-testing, with some of the worlds' best athletes using these sport-specific compounds in applications from water and snow to rock and trail. Each of the rubbers in the Stealth® family is specially formulated to excel in specific conditions, but they all share Stealth's® unique blend of high friction and shock absorption.

The difference between Stealth® and other brands on the market is obvious. All one needs to do is try shoes with Stealth®.

Quite simply, Stealth® provides the best friction on earth.

Express Service

For an extra £25 per pair,  ( plus post and packaging ) we can repair your boots within 48 hours and return them to you the following working day.

Excludes Channel Islands, Eire and certain repairs such as stitching and gaiters